Army 401st Brigade Commander calls on NPA to give up arms

Army 401st Brigade Commander calls on NPA to give up arms

TANDAG CITY, Surigao del Sur, March 22 – As the March 29 New People’s Army (NPA) 49th anniversary celebration draws near, the commander of the 401st Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army (PA), based in Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur, once again, made an appeal to the rebels to lay down their arms and return to the fold of the law.

Tagging the movement as only “consistent of being bane,” Col. Andres Centino is hoping against hope that NPA would come to their senses and change for the better.

Raising the question “What successes can they brag for the last 49 years?” Centino indicated that these rebels had only caused inconveniences. The army official commented that going up against the government would not last that long had they only been successful.

Besides, the army commander cited that NPA’s “numbers are dwindling!” He went on to ask, “Will they still continue to celebrate their anniversary without gaining so much?” Then, again referring to the rebels’ upcoming anniversary, Col. Centino added that the “rebels are preparing for their anniversary year in and year out but no good has ever happened!”

Meanwhile, “our government is pursuing development initiatives by bringing services to the grassroots, especially in insurgency-affected areas,” he said, adding that the administration is sincere on this.”

When asked whether the plane shooting in Tagbina town in Surigao del Sur could be linked to the rebels’ accomplishment to be highlighted during their anniversary, the brigade commander, whose area of responsibility (AOR) also covers the southern part of Surigao del Sur where Tagbina is located, said that NPA rebels were only good at victimizing civilians or people who were no match.

Col. Centino also came to know about the pilot, Lynbert Guiloreza Laguda, of the said plane who died while being rushed to a hospital owing to a bullet wound. The army official said that it was good that the aircraft did not crash on a populated area that could spell huge disaster because the pilot was still able to land it safe.

The plane shooting incident was described by Centino as “desperate move” with an ulterior motive of just “gaining publicity.”

“On the contrary,” he said that rebels were just “showing weakness” by the violent act they did to the plane and the pilot as well.

On that note, the army commander pointed out that “majority of the Filipinos want peace and progress!” He likewise stressed that “most of the people had long wanted to get rid of the NPA.” | via Greg Tataro, Jr. – Tandag